Winter activities

Countless are the sports and recreational activities to be practiced nearby La Villa. Below is a list of the most popular, but it will be a pleasure for us to suggest others which may meet the needs and passions of our guests even more.

Alpine skiing and snowboarding

Blue sky, bright sunshine and perfect slopes. 70 kilometers of pure pleasure and fun among dense woods, uncontaminated sceneries and the majestic charm of the vertical walls of the Presolana massif. This, and much more in the ski resorts of Persolana-Monte Pora, Colere, Lizzola and Spiazzi di Gromo, quickly reachable from La Villa and ideal for every skier, no matter the level of ability. The ski rentals and the several ski schools present in the area make the mountains accessible to anyone, even to the most insecure and unprepared, transforming a simple day on the snow into a memorable experience.

Nordic skiing

Among wide spaces, dense pine forests and suggestive snowy landscapes, nearby La Villa, three Nordic skiing rings account for a total of 21 kilometers of slopes. Not far from the facility are in fact the tracks of Clusone, Spiazzi di Gromo and Schilpario, suitable for every target of users. A succession of panoramic sections and more demanding kilometers give life to courses able to satisfy both, agonists and amateurs.

Ski Touring

Among the wide range of activities practiced in the Orobie Natural Park, ski touring undoubtedly stands out for the great number of enthusiasts reaching its snowy peaks year after year. Near La Villa, in the ski areas of Monte Pora, Colere, Spiazzi di Gromo and Lizzola are some of the most traveled and easily accessible ski touring routes of the province. The area also presents more challenging routes offering experienced skiers spectacular views and absolute inner peace away from the crowd of the slopes.


To make a winter holiday even more exciting, a walk with snowshoes can certainly not be missed. Following unbeaten paths until reaching the peak while floating on the snow is a unique and special way to experience the mountain. Walking with snowshoes in the beautiful scenery of the Orobie Prealps is possible and easily accessible thanks to the strategic location of La Villa, situated not far from the main ski areas of the province. The ski resorts of Presolana-Monte Pora, Colere, Spiazzi di Gromo and Lizzola offer several itineraries along which it is possible to stop at Alpine refuges and taste local specialties.


For visitors in search of strong emotions and thrilling activities, fun is guaranteed at the Monte Pora ski resort.

Only 20 minutes away from La Villa, in the Pian de la Palù area, accompanied tours on snowmobiles are organized on a 30 kilometers panoramic route. The activity can be done at day and night and, no matter the time of the day, it is possible to stop along the route to admire the landscape and take pictures, or simply to relax in close contact with the nature.


Although the central element of any mountain holiday is the long-awaited trip on the snow, the presence of recreational activities to be practiced before and after the excursions is equally important. In the vicinity of La Villa winter entertainment is guaranteed by the presence of several ice-skating rings renowned in the whole province for their large influx of visitors. For moments of fun in the fresh air, the ideal solution is located a few hundred meters from the facility, at the artificial ice-skating ring of La Baitella. A few kilometers up in the mountains are the skating slopes of the Presolana Pass and Colle Vareno, the last of which is set up on a natural lake. Indoor ice-skating, on the other hand, can be practiced at the Palazzetto del Ghiaccio of Schilpario, nearby the Nordic skiing slope.