Summer activities

Countless are the sports and recreational activities to be practiced nearby La Villa. Below is a list of the most popular, but it will be a pleasure for us to suggest others which may meet the needs and passions of our guests even more.

Climbing & Via Ferrata

Many climbing sites can be found nearby La Villa. Crags with different gradients gratify both, experienced climbers and beginners. Among the most interesting for those approaching the sport, are the Lantana crag, located in the Presolana basin and the Seraia crag, not far from the historic center of Clusone. The Onore crag, located in the Corni area, is the perfect destination for advanced climbers instead, as it requires athletic skills and great endurance. The indoor climbing center of Castione della Presolana enables the practice of the discipline even in the colder months. The via ferratas of Monte Alben, Passo della Porta and Pizzo Strinato satisfy even the most adventurous and brave climbers, allowing them to reach some of the highest peaks of the Orobie mountains. These paths can be traveled autonomously or accompanied by expert Alpine guides


The Spiazzi di Gromo Bike Park located only 30 minutes by car from La Villa, offers entertainment on two wheels throughout the entire summer season. Immersed in the woods are the several runs equipped and prepared to ensure fun and strong emotions for bikers of all levels. The dirt tracks branch out among trees, roots, banked curves and jumps, testing the physical endurance of the riders and allowing both, contained and reckless speeds. The possibility of bypassing obstacles and the composition of the ground in soil and gravel guarantee an unforgettable experience even for the beginners, who are able to face the tracks in total safety. If arriving unequipped, a bike rental provides everything you may need to get on the saddle.

E-bike & Mountain bike

La Villa’s strategic location makes it the perfect solution for biking enthusiasts. The Clusone Altipiano and the Presolana basin offer countless scenic routes ideal for mountain biking, which can be traveled both, autonomously and accompanied by a certified guide. From La Villa, it is possible to reach Alpine huts and refuges and taste the local products. These destinations, usually inaccessible to many because of the lack of training, become accessible through the use of e-bikes, easily findable in the rentals of the area. Thanks to the electric bicycles reaching the most unimaginable goals becomes possible without extreme physical effort.

Trekking & Hiking

The Orobie Natural Park is a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Kilometers and kilometers of mountain paths and forest roads twisting and turning around the Presolana massif and not only, attracting the adventurous visitors willing to penetrate landscapes of rare beauty. Among the most popular and demanding are the paths leading to the Rino Olmo and Carlo Medici refuges, both located at the foot of the Presolana. “Via del Latte”, “Sentiero dei Carbonai” and “Castello Orsetto” are easier trails suitable for anyone. Extremely characteristic and also worthy of a visit the spectacular Valle dei Mulini, reachable directly from Castione della Presolana. The abovementioned routes, along with many others are located in proximity of La Villa, enabling the guests to enjoy pleasant trips of variable length and difficulty.

Adventure park

A few minutes away from La Villa are the adventure parks “Le Fiorine” and “Cliff Adventure Park”. The first, immersed in the pine forest of Clusone, is ideal to spend a few hours in the fresh air surrounded by the nature. The equipment provided on site enables visitors to climb in total safety and try acrobatic passages on all of the three paths of increasing difficulty. Equally distant from the pollution and traffic of the city is the Cliff Adventure Park in Onore, renowned for its famous “leap into the void”. Here, the bravest visitors have the opportunity to jump into the void and to experience the thrill of a free fall. The fall is controlled thanks to a special “Toppas” retractable system, which enables a smooth and safe leap.


A must-try for the most adventurous is located in Castione della Presolana, at a short distance from La Villa. Here visitors can take part in canyoning sessions in the Valle dell’Inferno, where they will face climbs down thunderous waterfalls and cross crystalline water holes. This activity is recommended for visitors of medium-high level of ability because of the difficulty and endurance required. Beginners are very welcome as well since the obstacles can be bypassed with the help of an expert guide.


Speaking about extreme sports, paragliding cannot be missing. Flying among the Orobie peaks and admiring the Bergamasque valleys from another perspective, one step away from the sky, is now possible thanks to the Rovetta-based Alpifly association, located only a few hundred meters away from La Villa. Alpifly organizes paragliding classes in the Dolomitic scenery of the upper Seriana valley, starting from the historic springboards of the Monte Blum in Rovetta and the Scanapà in Castione della Presolana. The activity is accessible to anyone, being it practiced both autonomously or accompanied by an instructor.


Horseback riding is certainly a different way to experience the mountains. Only a few kilometers away from La Villa are several equipped riding schools which organize daily excursions with the possibility of practicing both, English and Western riding. Regardless of the chosen activity, whether it is a mountain excursion or a horseback riding class, visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.


The practice of archery is rooted in the Italian tradition. The Donico in Castione della Presolana hosts a shooting range with targets placed at increasing distance, suitable for beginners and for those that simply want to treat themselves with a fun and unconventional activity. The shooting range, renowned among professionals and home to several international competitions is immersed in a unique and stimulating context well-known for its beauty and tranquility. The Queen of the Orobie (Presolana) stands majestically behind the shooters focused on finding the right concentration in the quiet of the clearing.


La Villa is the right place even for the most passionate golfers. Less than an hour from the facility are two of the most beautiful golf courses of the country, home of many important tournaments like the Italian Open.

The Albenza Golf Club and the Franciacorta Golf Club host 27 holes each and are characterized by the presence of smooth hills and secular trees. The level of difficulty depends on the chosen course, and anyone can take part in the activity.